Holocaust survivor in danger again by the Zionists

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First they threatened to burn his house down. Then they pinned leaflets to his front door, denouncing him as a Jewish traitor. But Eli Tzavieli, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor, is defiant. His only “crime” is to rent out his rooms to three Arab students attending the college in Safed, a religious city in northern Israel that was until recently more famous for Jewish mysticism and Madonna.

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Wife-beating? That’s fine – unless you’re a Muslim

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Mark Steel: Wife-beating? That’s fine – unless you’re a Muslim

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Sun newspaper has come over a bit modest. Following a Channel 4 documentary about media reporting of Muslims, the paper accepts some of its stories were “distorted”. But they’re not doing themselves justice. They weren’t distorted – they were entirely made up. For example, a story about a Muslim bus driver who ordered his passengers off the bus so he could pray was pure fabrication.

But if reporters are allowed to make up what they like, that one should be disciplined for displaying a shocking lack of imagination. He could have continued, “The driver has now won a case at the Court of Human Rights that his bus route should be altered so it only goes east. This means the 37A from Sutton Coldfield will no longer stop at Selly Oak library, but go the wrong way up a one-way street and carry on to Mecca. Local depot manager Stan Tubworth said, ‘I suggested he only take it as far as Athens but he threatened a Jihad, and a holy war is just the sort of thing that could put a service like the Selly Oak Clipper out of business’.”

Then there was a story about “Muslim thugs” in Windsor who attacked a house used by soldiers, except it was another invention. But with this tale the reporter still claims it’s true, despite a complete absence of evidence, because, “The police are too politically correct to admit it.” This must be the solution to all unsolved crimes. With Jack the Ripper it’s obvious – he was facing the East End of London, his victims were infidels and he’d have access to a burqua which would give him vital camouflage in the smog. But do the pro-Muslim police even bother to investigate? Of course not, because it’s just “Allah Allah Allah” down at the stations these days.

Maybe Muslim newspapers should retaliate by publishing their own made-up stories. So it will be reported that “Barmy PC teachers in Leicester have banned children from playing Noughts and Crosses, claiming the cross reminds Church of England kiddies of the suffering undertaken by Lord Jesus. A spokesman for the Board of Education said, ‘We have to be sensitive. Which is why we’ve replaced the game with ‘Noughts and Hexagons’. We did look into calling it ‘Noughts and Crowns of Thorns’ but decided Hexagons was more appropriate.”

Or, “Doctors have been told that patients are no longer to be referred to as ‘stable’, as this is offensive to followers of Jesus, who was said to have been born in one. So medical staff have been informed they must use an alternative word, or if they can’t think of one just let the patient die.”

The most common justification for ridiculing Islam is that the religion is “backward”, particularly towards women, as a fundamental part of its beliefs. The Sun’s old political editor suggests this as a defence of his newspaper’s stance, saying that under Islam, “women are treated as chattels”. And it’s true that religious scriptures can command this, such as the insistence that, “a man may sell his daughter as a slave, but she will not be freed at the end of six years as men are.” Except that comes from the Bible – Exodus, Chapter 21, verse 7.

The Bible is packed with justifications for slavery, including killing your slaves. So presumably the Sun, along with others who regard Islam as a threat to our civilisation, will soon be campaigning against “Sunday Schools of Hate” where children as young as seven are taught to read this grisly book. And next Easter they’ll report how, “I saw a small child smile with glee as he opened a Cadbury’s egg filled with chocolate buttons. But behind his grin I couldn’t help but wonder whether he wanted to turn me into a pillar of salt, then maybe sprinkle me on his menacing confectionary treat.”

In his defence of making stuff up, the Sun’s ex-political editor spoke about the amount of domestic violence suffered by Muslim women. But there’s just as much chance of suffering domestic violence if you’re not a Muslim, as one of the 10 million such incidents a year that take place in Britain. Presumably the anti-Islam lobby would say, “Ah yes, but those other ones involve secular wife-beating, which is not founded on archaic religious customs, but rational reasoning such as not letting him watch the snooker.”

And finally the Sun’s man defends the line of his paper by saying that, after all, these Muslims “are trying to bomb our country”. So it’s their civic duty to make stuff up – the same as keeping a look-out for spies during the Second World War.

So we should all do our bit, and every day send in something, until the press is full of stories like “Muslims in Darlington have been raising money for semtex by organising panda fights.” Or “In Bradford all nurseries have been ordered to convert their dolls’ houses into miniature mosques so that Muslim teddies have somewhere to pray.”

Poll: 60 % women abused in Jordan

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(photo by wasapninjordan)

A poll initiated by the Jordan Center for Social Research and financed by the Freedom House about violence towards women in Jordan found that 60% of women are abused. ‘According to the survey, 45.5 percent of abuse incidents are carried out by husbands, while incidents by fathers and brothers account for 22.7 and 15.7 percent respectively. According to the survey, 45.5 percent of abuse incidents are carried out by husbands, while incidents by fathers and brothers account for 22.7 and 15.7 percent respectively.’

Firstly wrong is wrong; lets be very clear about this. It’s not about taking sides.

Secondly a poll initiated by an organizations such as Freedom House which claims to be an independent international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that advocates democracy, political freedom and human rights. The fact that an independent, impartial organization advocates one idea over another, in my opinion no longer becomes impartial. Further to this the organisation has very close ties with the American administration with Eleanor Roosevelt (American First lady during 1943-1945) as its founder and Freedom House receives 80% of its budget from the U.S government. Hence any finding in my opinion is flawed.

Finally the above points in no way shies away from the discussion of abuse towards women. Unfortunately the world over has to deal with this issue. This is a world wide issue and not an issue that is related to a particular people who hold certain religious views. This is a worldwide problem that requires solutions to the problem. World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in 2002 30% of ‘women are physically abused by their partners or ex-partners at 30 percent in the United Kingdom, and 22 percent in the United States.’

This article is not here to deny that abuse towards women does not exist in Jordan. It does but exists throughout the world. It requires serious and open discussions about this issue. Let’s work to change the ideas that people carry that push them to carry out these backward actions.

Let’s have a debate but let it be honest.


Bomb Scare as reported by SSNC

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I heard from someone, who heard from someone and who heard from someone that there was a bomb scare last night near the first circle in Amman. Is this true? But then someone else talked to someone else who talked to someone else and they said it was not a bomb scare but it was an empty box. On the other hand someone else heard from someone else who heard from someone else and they said there was no bomb just a box full of fireworks.

I have tried and tried and tried but cannot find anything on the net. My limitation is the language; I cannot read Arabic so am limited with reading English sites only.

Does anyone know about this?

I think maybe we should start a ‘Someone Said News Corporation’ (SSNC)? What do you think? You never know it might catch on. 🙂


Jordan announces large fuel price increases

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Traffic in Jordan

(Photo by wasapninjordan)

AMMAN (AFP) — The Jordanian government on Friday announced an immediate increase in fuel prices, some of which will jump 76 percent, as Amman phases out subsidies.

In a statement it said domestic fuel and kerosene prices had been raised by 76.1 percent from Friday with petrol prices climbing three percent, nine percent and 33 percent depending on quality.

As a temporary winter measure, Amman will maintain a subsidy on bottled gas until April 1 although the price has been increased by 53 percent, from 4.25 to 6.50 dinars (9.15 dollars).

Economists expect that from April the price will jump to around 10 dinars.

Last month Prime Minister Nader Dahabi said during the budget debate that to alleviate problems faced by Jordanians, salaries would be increased and backdated to January 1.

This covered salaries for all public sector employees, civilians and military, as well as those on pensions, with direct financial help going to the poorest workers in the private sector.

“These increases are between 63 to 70 dollars a month for the public sector, and with a range of 150 to 220 dollars a month for those families whose annual income is 1,000 dollars or less,” a government minister, not wishing to be named, told AFP at the time.

Some families have to survive on part-time work, paid at a lower rate than the minimum monthly wage of 155 dollars for full-time employment.

The increases and other measures will reach some 60 percent of Jordan’s population of 5.8 million.

MPs and political parties, particularly the influential opposition Islamic Action Front, had been warning against rising prices which they said could “constitute a real catastrophe.”

They have also warned that price freedom would “lead to social tensions that will be difficult to control.”

Jordanians still have memories of the violent riots in April 1989 that broke out in the south following a rise in prices, that resulted in 12 deaths.

Other riots erupted in 1996 after bread prices rose, although there were no casualties then and the situation was quickly brought under control.

Jordan has seen a series of sit-ins and demonstrations against the liberalisation of fuel prices.

The country used to be fully dependent on neighbouring Iraq for its fuel supplies which Baghdad supplied at a preferential price. But since the US-led invasion of 2003, Amman has had to buy its supplies at the market rate.

As a result, the kingdom has already increased fuel prices five times, and the latest budget has freed prices for the commodity, ending an era of government subsidies.

In another measure to help the poorest sector the government has decided to exempt 13 basic necessities from tax, including milk, the price of which has jumped 40 percent.