Poll: 60 % women abused in Jordan

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(photo by wasapninjordan)

A poll initiated by the Jordan Center for Social Research and financed by the Freedom House about violence towards women in Jordan found that 60% of women are abused. ‘According to the survey, 45.5 percent of abuse incidents are carried out by husbands, while incidents by fathers and brothers account for 22.7 and 15.7 percent respectively. According to the survey, 45.5 percent of abuse incidents are carried out by husbands, while incidents by fathers and brothers account for 22.7 and 15.7 percent respectively.’

Firstly wrong is wrong; lets be very clear about this. It’s not about taking sides.

Secondly a poll initiated by an organizations such as Freedom House which claims to be an independent international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that advocates democracy, political freedom and human rights. The fact that an independent, impartial organization advocates one idea over another, in my opinion no longer becomes impartial. Further to this the organisation has very close ties with the American administration with Eleanor Roosevelt (American First lady during 1943-1945) as its founder and Freedom House receives 80% of its budget from the U.S government. Hence any finding in my opinion is flawed.

Finally the above points in no way shies away from the discussion of abuse towards women. Unfortunately the world over has to deal with this issue. This is a world wide issue and not an issue that is related to a particular people who hold certain religious views. This is a worldwide problem that requires solutions to the problem. World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in 2002 30% of ‘women are physically abused by their partners or ex-partners at 30 percent in the United Kingdom, and 22 percent in the United States.’

This article is not here to deny that abuse towards women does not exist in Jordan. It does but exists throughout the world. It requires serious and open discussions about this issue. Let’s work to change the ideas that people carry that push them to carry out these backward actions.

Let’s have a debate but let it be honest.



3 thoughts on “Poll: 60 % women abused in Jordan

    Abdul-Razzaq Aqrawi said:
    May 30, 2008 at 2:50 PM

    i respect ur point of view, and have thought about this issue as i have lived in norway there where claims that such things only happen to certain people with certain religious belifes (such as islam) but that is not true for this happened even to some of my friends and their mothers who are not religious at all but there fathers/husbands do abuse them. so i agree with what u said and hope that this will help other people open there eyes and show them the truth.

    fatima manjra said:
    May 28, 2009 at 9:52 PM

    its one of those issues that not everyone wants to discuss, its sad. I was discussing this with my mum the other day aswell that women in the west may have more ‘freedom’ but, at the end of the day, they still feel and subconsciously know that men do better esp in the labour market. In my view, women are abused through sexual exploitation by the media in the west. In places eg. Pakistan India where access to education is much harder, women struggle much more. It’s sad, until women dont realize what they’re worth, I personally don’t think much can be done to resolve this ongoing problem.

      wasapninjordan said:
      June 23, 2009 at 6:04 AM

      I think it’s more about the society realising what women are worth. Why should women have to fight for the rights that should be given to them. The society should say no to the evils in all its forms. It’s a collective duty to call for justice and truth.

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