Cleaning Egypt

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D.I.E Changing Culture

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D.I.E – No Lanes

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Well the time is here and I think I am ready to talk and discuss about Driving In Egypt (D.I.E). The Acronym is very fitting actually. It almost feels like you’re about to die, every time you put yourself behind the steering wheel in Cairo.

On most decent roads, you’ll find faint lane lines, to guide the drivers as to where they should be driving. This however has little or no impact on people. When you get into your four wheels and behind that steering wheel, consider the roads as a massive bumper car track, where the aim is to avoid all the cars around you at any means necessary but when you do hit someone or someone hits your car; It’s always going to be ‘Malish’ (I think it means, don’t worry).

A road that has three lanes can soon enough turn into six unmarked lanes. It becomes the survival of the fittest. No concept of fast lane or  slow lane. It’s the case where If you feel like driving like a snail in the fast lane, who is everybody else to tell me what to do.

The sad part is that the driving affects you. I end up driving without seeing the lanes and maneuver according to where I want to go and at the speed I want to drive at. I know it’s my bad.

I say make sure all three of your mirrors are working and use them every other second. You never know who might be popping up from any side of the road. Just stay focused and keep driving straight as possible.

Pavements and Trees in Amman

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(photo by wasapninjordan)

Why do Jordanians plant which I believe are olive trees on the pavement in front of their homes? My neighbours on my street have them and almost every inner street I know have them. Hence walking on the pavement becomes extremely difficult. People are actually forced to walk on the road, which in the UK is called ‘jaywalking’. Incidentally ‘jaywalking’ on the road without appropriate reason is a criminal offence in the UK.

When I first came to Jordan, walking on the road rather than a designated pavement was so weird and I would find I would feel at odds walking on the road while the cars whiz by you.

Just a thought from my curious mind 🙂