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You want some beads

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You want some beads

92 year old forbidden from marrying a 17 year old

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A 92 year old man is forbidden from marrying a 17 year old woman in Egypt. Ministry of Justice has placed a 25 year age gap between prospective spouses. As I understand rich Arabs from the Gulf are attracted to much younger Egyptian women. From the Egyptian point of view I can appreciate the problem and the attempt to control this type of marriage.

My thoughts are simple; I don’t think anyone can restrict an age gap, if the marriage is sincere and full of love. My qualms occur when these marriages are as a result of money; whether the family is forced to ‘sell’ their daughter for money or if the marriage is for the love of money only. In all cases there should be consent from the girl. It is her life after all.

It is however difficult to prove either.