A woman’s ordeal in Cairo #jan25

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round 6.30 pm down town cairo, i joined the demonstration on qasr el

nil street along with some friends and other people whom i don’t know.

the protesters were marching  peacefully and politely and decently

from one street to another evading the security forces who were some

how at a loss at how to stop us, especially when we took to shawarbi

street, we were at the back, and the police officers behind and front

talking in their walki talki, we could hear them saying they don’t

know how to besiege us. we kept on moving and more people were joining

us from the streets and shops, young men and women. we were chanting

the requests of egyptian people ” leave ” and ” egyptian people want

the regime out “. we didn’t attack any body, or destroy any shops or

cars… we were moving in the middle of streets without blocking the

traffic, just slowing it down until we reached sherif street and we

were heading towards 26 july street, then the security forces appeared

from behind and front. we started running, and  security police in

civilian clothes started grabbing randomly many young men and women. i

saw them grab and beat a young innocent man, pushed him to the ground

and kept kicking. i protested against the beating up, and kept

screaming at them to stop acting like animals, 4 or 5 huge giant men

grabbed me from my hair and said ” well join him you bitch ” and

slapped me on the face , beat me up, kicked me, and cornered me next

to the young man and kept hitting me on my head, arm, shoulder, back ,

stepping on my head with their shoes until i bled from my mouth and

could not speak any more on the ground. they kept their shoes on my

head, kicked me every few seconds,calling me the dirtiest names ever

the they dragged me all along the street to 26 july and threw me in

one of those microbuses without number plates. they have also dragged

the other young man who completely fainted and others too and threw us

all in the microbus. and while pushing me inside they were trying to

pull off my clothes and sexually harassed me,one grabbed my breasts ,

another held me my waist, and another grabbed my bottom. i tried to

call friends discreetly, but they saw me, so they pull me out of the

car and said ” get off ” but 3 of them were blocking the door, and

they grabbed the mobile from me, then threw me to the asphalt road.

despite the pain, i will go on protesting


[name withheld]

egyptian writer and university professor

cairo january 27 2011

taken from http://www.arabist.net


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