Twitter world before the ‘Day of Anger’ in Egypt

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Following are the tweets on Thursday 27th January; the night before what is now know as the ‘Day of Anger’. Few hours after these tweets were recorded the Internet in Egypt was shut down throughout the country.

JaredCohen‎ One Egyptian says, “facebook used to set the date, twitter used to share logistics, youtube to show the world, all to connect people” #jan25

TunisiaTrends‎ RT @2011khankar Tunisian, Egyptians. Rise up on 27jan and strike the root of evil once and for all #sidibouzid #jan25

DianaRayyan‎ RT @salmaeldaly: We call for peace in #Suez the city is burning#Jan25

katalystprods‎ RT @rania_hafez: Strong rumours about the police using live ammunition tomorrow. Be safe #jan25 #EGYPT

N_Cleo‎ The only contribution that the US has made so far was supply enough tear gas. #jan25

AmrRamadan‎ RT @SamGregory: RT @geoplace: Cairo residents in Egypt remove passwords of wi-fi routers so protesters can communic wi the world #jan25

TeaWithCarl‎ RT @Dima_Khatib: 42 days ago a young Tunisian set himself on fire & lit a flame of hope for change in Arab World, unthinkable 43 days ago! #Sidibouzid#jan25

salmansq‎ RT @hysharara: via @Sandmonkey: #Egypt ian Christians to protect Muslims from police during Fri prayers b4 largest demonstration against gov’t.#jan25

WardahT‎ RT @assuss: 1.5yrs ago #Obama spoke in Cairo about right to self determination. 1.5yrs later Obama silent as youth in #Egypt take back that right#Jan25

DuhaAwayes‎ RT @sanasiino: I think they got the 2012 prophecy wrong.The world isn’t going to end in 2012, it will begin. #jan25 #Tunisia #Egypt #Yemen

Organica_‎ From an Egyptian living abroad: SMS me pictures+texts & I’ll post them on Twitter for you. My Number 0013477356057 (RETWEET) #Jan25 #Egypt

Hisham_G‎ RT @JustAmira: Global Voices: Egypt: Friday is the Day of Anger#Jan25

NihalAbdelAziz‎ RT @Sarahngb: Yes I heard this yesterday!! RT @HNassef: Confirmed: HSBC has withdrawn all cash in its ATMs accross Cairo #Jan25

WardahT‎ RT @tuviya88: Get at least water, and simple first aids with yourself for tomorrow #Egypt #Jan25 #Mubarak

Ritakhoury2020‎ RT @TeamJoJoEGY: Black Berry,Vodafone,Mobinil are all off here in #Egypt. They are isolating us. #Jan25

nuevaondacuba‎ RT @monaeltahawy: #Tunisians you inspired us #Egyptians and we are learning from you what to do after toppling a dictator. Bravo! #Sidibouzid #Jan25

Structuralguy‎ RT @RickSanchezTV: @structuralguy potential revolution in #egypt is imp story. no one really covering it.helping to get info out. feel strongly about it#jan25

sh_zolfakar‎ RT @SohaBayoumi: 3 hours ago. @JawazSafar AlJazeera: more people are joining the protesters despite heavy security measures in #Suez #Egypt #Jan25

fjb_123‎ RT @AhmedShalaby: Google, twitter, Facebook, blackberry service All Blocked Now in #Egypt! #Jan25

mayasdreams‎ RT @Jnoubiyeh: Israel says the #Mubarak regime is “strong and stable.” Wrong. The only thing strong about it is its support for #Zionism. #Egypt#Jan25

GolamAbiNawas#Egypt is raging, and we should support, but don´t forget that#Tunisia is still fighting back! Solidarity #Jan25 #anarchism #rebel

mohd_prince89@vexynexy Use this proxy: port: 8080 I’m using it and its working good #jan25

ckaratnytsky#Egypt and #Yemen covered on CNN just now. Brief.

SHUTTLECOCK74‎ RT @intunit: Now Yemen follows Tunisia and Egypt: Is dynastic succession set to emerge as the main casualty of the growing unrest in the Arab world…?

TerroristDonkey‎ RT @RamyRaoof: 79 arrested protesters were released from Sayyeda Zainab police station. List of names [Ar] #Jan25 #Egypt

WorldPeace2Day‎ RT @YasserAhmad: Message to all the world: they want to cut our internet connection #Egypt, please support us by sending messages to your governments #jan25

googlewaveyour‎ RT @RickSanchezTV: ppl ask y #egypt #jan25 is important. bec its a new era. its more than protests; its a war being waged not w/guns but w/phones,fbook More »

MediaFocusUK Time blog predicts Egypt’s security service will win over protests & that Israel has most to lose #egypt #jan25

Maroouane‎ RT @arabist: Tunisians are thinking of organizing a solidarity march withEgypt tomorrow. After all, theirs is a free country. #sidibouzid #Jan25

bazookaluca‎ 1.3 BILLION of US tax $ goes to Egypt’s military EVERY YEAR. Money that is currently being used to beat citizens & prop up Mubarak’s regim

ayman_your_man#Egypt #Jan25 #1M #1million march and more tomorrow after gomm3a preyer’s all Egyptian please RETWEET THE # Lets get our #Freedom

coffee_n_cream‎ RT @3arabawy Police use tanks & armored vehicles in cracking down on protests in Suhag. #Jan25 #egypt

LebaneseGuyy‎ RT @monaeltahawy: Remember: massive anti #Mubarak street protests were called 4 by #Egypt youth. Not opposition, not a leader. The youth shake it up. #Jan25

thetipscorpEgypt Travel Packages – What to Expect from a Tour of Nile:

Egypt Travel Packages – What to Expect from a Tour of Nile …‎ –

Twitter – seconds ago

rolahamad‎ RT @SanaaQureshi_: A million more feet will stamp the pavement with plans of changes, no exaggeration. We will not be ignored- Lowkey. #Yemen #Egypt#Tunisia

ahmedelmasri‎ RT @rezo007: RT @salmaeldaly #bey2ollak :We call for peace in#Suez . We beg Activist and policemen to stop fighting. The city is burning.. #Jan25#egypt

rezo007‎ RT @dinoeg78 #bey2ollak : RT @sultanalqassemi: Al Arabiya breaking: White House: We do not support one side over the other in Egypt. #Jan25

Silicon5‎ RT @whumba: The White House keeps calling for reform in #Egypt as if it hasn’t backed the corrupt #Mubarak dictatorship for the last 3 decades #Jan25

neoalexandros‎ Social Media As a Weapon In Egypt

omar207‎ RT @3arabawy: Protest in Switzerland in solidarity with #Jan25 Egyptintifada Friday 28 Jan, 12noon

ThisBoyTV‎ I uploaded a YouTube video — Guardian Journalist Arrested and Beaten in Egypt – Democr…

YouTube – Guardian Journalist Arrested and Beaten in Egypt …‎ –

mand0z‎ RT @AbdoAssem: Proud of a #egypt‘s planning for a revolution as a leaderless group. It’s shivering just thinking about it #jan25

sarahfenix#Australia Rally #Melbourne to Support #Egypt 3:00pm Sun 30th Jan in front of Egypt Consulate; 50 Market St #auspol #jan25 #suez

nelfar‎ Ashamed to be Obman’s: Egypt is the second largest recipient of US Foreign Aid, how about demanding democratic reforms in Egypt

WorldTribune‎ Opposition: ‘Mubarak’s family has left Egypt‘: January 27, 2011 – Opposition: ‘Mubarak’s family has left Egypt

Snarftrax‎ The arab world is revolting! Literally! First Tunisia, then Egypt and now Yemen. Revolt and Revolution spreading. Did you notice

TheNewsBlotter‎ Reuters: White House believes Egypt government stable #Tunisia

White House believes Egypt government stable | News by Country …‎ –

CometsMum‎ Jordan to hold protests on Friday: #egypt #jan25

Broken promises behind ongoing protests in Jordan | World …‎ –

AnonOfTheAbove‎ RT @Scrataliano: Mainstream media has attempted to divide Muslims & Christians in #Egypt but they have responded by marching together in#Revolution. More »

CometsMum‎ RT @kathleenogrady: Wow RT @susanneure: ‘Anonymous’ hackers threaten Egyptian government. #Egypt #Tunisia

‘Anonymous’ hackers threaten Egyptian government‎ –

brittneythenerd‎ when i see whats going on in #egypt #sudan & #tunisa it makes me re-evalate not taking journalism seriously i would love to cover history

ladyb84‎ use a proxy even if everything is unblocked u do NOT want to be tracked down by animals #Jan25 #Egypt be safe…

smvyul‎ RT @Dima_Khatib: Personally I believe that the West might keep Baradei as a just-in-case backup guy, although he is not the pro-Washington type #egypt More »

seifito‎ RT @asia2gaza: #CNN trying to convince viewers that these protests in the streets of #Egypt are for #ELBaradei return. #Jan25 #Propaganda #Fail

emeka_okafor‎ “Revolutionary Arab Geeks”-NYTimes #egypt #tunisia #arab

Revolutionary Arab Geeks –‎ –

Dinasherif‎ RT @3arabawy: Clashes spread across Egypt Of course the BBC has to shove ElBaradei’s name in the title. #MSM #Fail #Jan25

TheAlexandrian‎ So the 1st time they use their weapons since ’73 may be on own people Human Rights Watch fears Egypt army may open fire

Human Rights Watch fears Egypt army may open fire‎ –

Frekeeh‎ RT @fhilal: Taking a break from the world…for a while…Tomorrow is one hell of an angry day in the Middle East #Egypt #JO #Jan25 #Yemen

SamGregory‎ RT @krmaher: Tips for attending protests: stay safe out there Egypt#jan25

Tips for staying safe in a demonstration | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today …‎

latentexistence‎ RT @Geeee: Egyptian Gov. orders media blackout tomorrow. Communications, water and electricity will be shut off. Please spread the word#EGYPT #JAN25

Sparkwade‎ RT @waelabbas: all SMS messages are not working now in egypt

WaldenE‎ RT @dpleasant: RT @richardengelnbc: Have covered #egypt for years (lived here for four) haven’t seen activists planning protests so openly.. Defiantly

rss_cnn#cnn Social media @ the front line in Egypt: As in Tunisia, the protest movement in Egypt is taking advantage of…

Social media @ the front line in Egypt –‎ –

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