Is this is the face of evil?

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Josef Fritzl - A face of evil?
Josef Fritzl – A face of evil?

Is this is the face of evil or a face of a man who believes in an idea called ‘personal benefit’?

Josef Fritzl kept his double life a secret even from his loved ones for over 25 years. Neighbors, friends and of course the world was shocked at the revelations that Josef Fritzl had kept his own daughter as captive in his cellar and fathered her seven children. He had virtually used his daughter as a sex slave for his own pleasures.

His defense team and the world is looking for answers; how could this happen? There must be something wrong with him.

I think the point is simple and clear. He was a man who believed that his personal benefit took preference over others. He ensured that his desires were fulfilled at all costs. Is he the only one to be blamed for his actions? Or should the society also bare some responsibility?  If an idea that can be used to such extremes should be revisited and the society also should be held accountable.

The world and in particular the West is also responsible for such actions as they are the propagators of such ideas as personal benefit. It has been the cause of wars throughout the 20th century and continues to cause misery.