HSBC the money laundering bank closes Muslim accounts

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HSBC the money laundering bank, which according to some is ‘too big to jail’ closes accounts of some Muslim organisations and individuals without giving any of them prior notice of their grievances. The bank gave no reason for closing their accounts but explained that they are not in the mood for “risk appetite”.

HSBC was found guilty of money laundering for terrorist organisations and drug cartels. It was discovered that this was known at the highest level. However all walked away free and payed a fine which is the equivalent of slap on the wrist.

It is ironic that they would close the accounts of Muslims and Muslim organisations because they do not have the “risk appetite”, when these organisations have done nothing wrong under any legal system.

Hypocrisy will only alienate the section of the community that you need to assimilate.

Source: BBCThe Guardian,



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