O.I.E – Egypt Olympic team get ‘fake’ Nike kit

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‘Just do it’ is the official tagline for Nike, one of the largest sports sports wear manufacturers in the world. However I am sure their tagline did not refer to ‘if you do not have the money, then just do it and buy the counter fit from China’. This is exactly what had happened to some of the Egyptian Olympians attending the Olympics London 2012.

I am not a big fan of these multi-national sports wear companies charging ridiculously over priced goods that have 100s of percentages of mark-up profit and paying pennies to their oversees slaves.

The incident of fake products was only noticed when one of the workout bags had a big Nike logo on it but only to find an Adidas zipper stuck to the bag. I wonder it would have made any difference to the performance of the athlete by using much cheaper branded product. This begs the question if we are paying for the product, which should be the actual value of the product or we actually paying for the logo which determined by a price tag only.


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