Hardees Map of Egypt

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Hardees Map of Egypt
Hardees Map of Egypt

Today is an official public holiday in Egypt. Here is the history in a nutshell.

Israel and Egypt enter a war in 1967.

Israel occupies Sinai.

War ends after six days but Israel continues to occupy Sinai till 25th of April 1982.

Israel only withdraws from Sinai after forcing the Egyptians to accept its existence, which was against the will of its own people.

After giving back Sinai it decides to bully another neighbouring country and invades Lebanon in the same year.

Today Egypt celebrates its ‘victory’ where it took back what belonged to it. Despite this historical event Hardees (an American fast food chain) prints a map on one of its meal packaging showing Egypt without the Sinai Peninsula being part of it.

I find it utterly shocking that they have been allowed to do this without any repercussions.



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