Telecom Egypt – we are still waiting

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I wrote a post about my experience with Telecom Egypt just over a week ago and how it had taken 16 months for them to send engineers to install my new line. Well the saga continues and like many things in Egypt, it’s a never ending story.

The engineers who came to my house to install the new telephone cable, gave me the landline number that should be linked to our house. I was informed, to give it a few days so that it can be physically attached at the main terminal. As per instructions I gave it a few days and started to ring our new landline number to see if its working or not. I could hear the phone ring from my mobile but nothing from the physical phone attached to the cable. I gave it few more days and tried again but the same thing happened. I thought it might be a our phone and was about to give up, when someone actually answered the phone when I was standing next to my phone at home. Here is how the conversation developed:

Me: Hello

Ahmed: Hello

Me: Who is this?

Ahmed: Who is this?

Me: This is so and so

Ahmed: This is Ahmed

Me: Is this Telecom Egypt?

Ahmed: No, I am Ahmed from Turkey

Me: Ahmed is this number, that I have rang a new number?

Ahmed: Yes, we are a Turkish company based in the 5th settlement and it is a new line.

Me: I am so sorry to have bothered you like this.

Well the rest was just chit chat about us and where we are from and blah blah blah.

Hence we are still waiting for our new phone line; 16 months and counting 🙂

wasapnin egypt?


2 thoughts on “Telecom Egypt – we are still waiting

    Ahmad said:
    April 4, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    At least you have made a new friend from this expierience.

    So how ever i will tell how to do it if you want it done, just grab someone who can talk Arabic and go to the Telecom Egypt nearest center to you which is usually the one that you are attached to and tell them the complain and they will fill an official complain form for you and after that try to search in the center for the repairing technicians department and just ask any one of them about your problem and then offer him money to do it for you right away just make sure he is a technician and he will come right away with you to your place to fix and believe me it will get fixed magically.

    hope the info is good for you…

      wasapnin said:
      April 8, 2010 at 10:51 AM

      Thank you very much for your advice. I will consider it in the future and hopefully others can learn from our mistakes. I have got a new line now. Yeahhhhh 🙂 My next step is to get an ADSL installed. Let’s see how long that takes.
      Thanks once again for your contribution.

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