They finally came

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It took them over a week but the engineers from Olympic Group, finally came to fix the fridge freezer. The only reason I had a quick turn around was because the engineer recognised my name and address, so knew that it would be easy to find. The same engineer had fixed our water boilers in the house.

It seems if you stick to one decent person from the same company and keep asking them to come, would be easier and quicker. From the customers point of view, there can be accountability and from the engineers point of view, more chance of a tip.

Note: I must add here that whatever price people quote you and however little or as much people work, you as a customer are expected to pay extra as a tip and when you do pay, the worker will politely refuse your payment and argue that he does not want the money. You as a customer will have to insist that he takes the money. It sounds weird but it happens a lot.

so the conversation has gone something like this:

me: How much for all?

workers: 22 LE

me: Here is 25LE

worker: No, it’s ok I don’y need it.

me: Please take the money.

worker: No thank you, it’s ok.

me: Please take it, you are embarrassing me.

worker: Thank you very much.

me: Ma Salama (Peace be with you)

worker: Ma Salama (Peace be with you)



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