42nd Cairo International Book Fair

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The wife and I went to the 42nd ‘Cairo International Book Fair’ yesterday. It is the second largest book fair of its kind in the world after the ‘Frankfurt Book Fair’. We both hate really over crowded places, hence it was not too long until we were dying to get out. Too many people wanting to go to the same place on a day when most people are off from work was not a good idea. All the information and maps were in arabic. Most books were also in arabic with a few tents with English titles.

Please don’t get me wrong I am not complaining that there was no information in arabic and that most books were in arabic also. After all arabic is the official language of Egypt and I would not except any less. I really do find it annoying when foreigners such as me want everything in English just so my life can be made easy and yet when I am home in England, very little attempt is made in such international fairs to accommodate the same requirements.

My only question would be in a county like Egypt, would the 2nd largest book fair in the world have books that the government is not happy with or approve? After all books should inform people of issues that relevant and what the people deem as relevant.

Today is the last day if you wish to visit.






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