Algeria 0-4 Egypt

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The match between Algeria and Egypt ended with, some have called restoration of Egypts’ diginity. I watched the match with some friends of mine and it was strange to see how for those 90 minutes, everyone forgot about the world around them and began to focus on 22 men chasing after one ball.

Whenever the Egyptions would score, the Egyption players would religiously bow down on the ground, assuming to thank ‘God’ for their victory. At one point an official from the Egyption side was waving the Quran about.

Both teams are from Muslim countries so why, would their god and I am assuming all 22 players are Muslims, would chose one team over another? After all, both sides not be praying to the same god for victory? When and in this case Egypt won, does god favour the Egyptians over the Algerians. Did ‘God’ favour the Egyptions because they are more pious, more bountiful to their lord or ‘God’ just felt like it? I wonder.

The nation is hopeing for another victory on Sunday, when Egypt will play Ghana. One radio station went as far as saying that the whole nation has 60 hours of prayer time and the nation should pray for Egyption victory on Sunday.

I just think developing nations should be placing their efforts and prayers on more important issues.



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