Ramadhan Nights in Cairo

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It is the first day of Ramadhan tomorrow. Muslims are encouraged to attend extra prayers in the evening called the ‘tarawih prayer’.at the Masjid (Mosque). It’s a long prayer which could last as long as two hours. I must say it’s a spirtually uplifting time.

However, anyone who has visited a masjid, knows that you are suppoed to leave your shoes at the door or on the shoe rack. As with everyone else, I left my shoes inside the Masjid, in a shoe rack.

After the prayer, its mad rush to leave. People are rushing to get their shoes, so they can spend some time with th eloved ones, before getting up earliy in the morning prepare for the fast. I went back to the shoe rack where I had placed my shoes and I could not find my shoes. I thought maybe I had placed them on an another shoe rack. I looked and looked but could not find my shoes. I must have looked at every shoe rack in the Masjid about 5 times but found nothing. I thought maybe someone has taken them by mistake and they will return shorrtly, so I waited outside the Masjid doors. I waited so long that the caretakers had started to close the gates of Masjid. I asked a few people about my shoes and they were convinced that they had been stolen.

At this point I decided to ring my wife to collect me as I do not want to be walking around the streets of Cairo with my socks only. While waiting I met another gentleman who was wearing only his socks and was waiting for his wife to come and pick him as his shoes had also been stolen.

I really hope some has taken them by mistake and will return them soon.

It’s not a good start for me, as I promised I would try to look at the postive side of my experince in Egypt.

Not good so far. I hopes are high at the moment.



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