Queen Alia International Airport – Welcome to Jordan

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(photo by www.qaia.gov.jo)

Since people have found out that we are leaving Jordan for Egypt, we have had guests after guests. Three guests arrived yesterday, three more are due to arrive today and one more tomorrow.

You know there is a saying in the UK about when you’re waiting for a bus and you have been waiting for ages. The saying goes something like ‘they all come at the same time’. This is certainly the case here with us. 🙂

This means a lot of trips to the Queen Alia International Airport, Amman for us and visiting the same tourist destinations again and again. J If you live in Amman, you’re probably at most about 45 minutes away from the airport. I used to phone the airport and confirm the flight details and update when picking up guests. Due to the language difficulty on my part not understanding the Arabic language, we have on occasion turned up at the airport 6 hours earlier 🙂

My advice is to visit the Queen Alia International Airport website, which is in Arabic and English. I think the website is fantastic and very useful. You can find information about arrivals, departures, shops, contact numbers, parking and most importantly up-to-date information about arrivals and departures. If you’re interested in airport taxis then it should cost you around 22JDs one way either to or from the airport.

We used the website yesterday and it was very useful. The website provided us information about landing time, carrier and terminal information. We normally arrive, buy ‘blue fig’ coffee and just sit, chill and wait for our guests to start waiving at us when they see us. 🙂 I know this may sound tiresome but the wife and I love hosting and love to give our guests the best time we can, no matter how many they are.

In short my advice is to check out the Queen Alia International Airport website before you leave your house and you might be able to enjoy your trip if you are better prepared. 🙂

Queen Alia International Airport:


North building: 064453187

South building: 064451739

Arrival information:



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