Embassy decorators

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I know I have been going on about embassies in the past few days but what is it about embassies? I have talked about the staff they choose and how much interaction occurs between embassies. In my experience throughout the world with embassies but at this moment in time I am discussing the embassies in Jordan; they seem to employ people who are rude with least amount of people skills they could find. As one commentator on my blog advices that I need to work backwards in-order to get things done, so logic seems to be a thing of the past.

At first it didn’t occur to me until I visited the British Embassy recently. When I was sitting waiting for my turn to be questioned. I almost lost myself within my surroundings and for a moment I thought I was in the UK. The interior designer of the embassy must have imported furniture, deco and the design layout from the UK. The same seems to be for the Egyptian, Dutch, Syrian and Pakistani embassies that I have visited; they remind me of the home countries. As soon as you step into embassies, you can almost forget you are in Jordan. I do not wish to offend the certain nationalities by discussing the lack of care that has gone into designing, decorating the embassies but all I can say is that the interior decorators must have been specially brought in from the relevant countries to ensure that the their embassies resemble their motherland.



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