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In order for me to enter Egypt on a work visa, I need to go through a rigorous procedure, which everyone seems to be keeping to themselves until the last moment.

Here is how I went about to get my work visa sorted from Jordan.

I have to certify my British Certificates which have already been certified by my current employer but this is not enough. The British Council does not certify them unless they have written conformation my institutes. The institutes where I rightly gained my certificates from tend not to reply to emails. After numerous emails, international calls and lots of faxes I received the confirmation that I needed. However, this was not good enough as the British Council would like the confirmations sent to them directly. This vital information was omitted from me on the numerous occasions I spoke to the staff at the British Council.

Having completed this procedure, I went to the Egyptian Embassy to get my papers stamped. After painful and long queues in all the queues where I was not suppose to queue, I found out that the Egyptian Embassy does not accept stamps of other Councils such as the British. I have to get the documents stamped from the British Embassy.

I went to the British Embassy who informed me that they will be happy to stamp the documents but at a price of 41 JDs although their own Council has stamped and authorised my documents. This for some reason does not mater and I have to pay the amount they have requested. I had to get 4 documents stamped; I was not carrying such a large sum of money. After I had stamped the documents from the British Embassy, I preceded back to the Egyptian Embassy. At the Egyptian Embassy I was informed that they cannot stamp my documents if the Foreign Ministry of Jordan has not stamped the documents. I then went to the Foreign Ministry of Jordan and got all my documents stamped. Finally I went to the Egyptian Embassy to stamp my documents, I was told that each stamp would cost me 16JDs and I would need to return the next day to pick up my documents.

All the above procedure took me over a month. To be honest this could have been shortened to a few days if only people firstly, did their jobs, secondly all embassy staff were trained on procedures so that they can provide all the information from the beginning and finally if all the Embassies actually bothered to talk to one another and just try to understand each other and work together for once.

Wishful thinking I suppose.



2 thoughts on “Egyptian work visa

    mab3oos said:
    June 11, 2008 at 12:51 AM

    ٌok, my friend, this is how the system works best in my opinion.
    You have to work backwards, which fits exactly the description of the way these people do things. First, I would have gone to the Egyptian embassy to ask for what they want me to bring them in order to get the visa. Then, I would proceed to the other institution, i.e. Foreign ministry, British embassy,… But since you went through the ordeal already, better luck in Egypt, where it is even worse than Jordan.

    Egyptian Videos said:
    December 18, 2011 at 9:07 AM

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