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Below is an article I wrote on my other Blog ‘wasapninjordan’ about local people having almost ‘Jackal and Hyde’ personalities when they work for the British Embassy. I wait to see how my experiences will be in Egypt. Only time will tell.


What is it about the perfectly warm and hospitable people, as they are known throughout the land of Jordan, but when you interact with some of them in a small building called the British Council, Amman that they turn rude and arrogant? I have had numerous interactions with the staff members working for the British Council over the year or so and after every contact with them I have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe ‘they have had a bad day’ or ‘it’s not their fault.’ Every time I interact with them my perception about the staff working at the British Council becomes increasingly negative.

I have had staff members sitting behind the service desks without smiles and being plain rude, to the extent of telling me to be quiet for asking a question because the member of staff was not ready to answer. I have dealt with staff who could not be bothered to give me the correct information because god knows why? And by the way, the members of staff do not make mistakes – it never happens, so don’t even try to correct them. To be honest the list goes on and I am not the only one who feels the same way. Many of my colleagues agree with me.

It is a shame to see people behave in such an appalling manner. I wonder if it is because of the place they work in.





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