I wonder

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While I was at work yesterday, it began to rain. It started off heavy and then the rain turned to hail and then for a while it even snowed.

I could hear the rain hitting hard on the windows, while I sat comfortably in my room with the heating turned up to the maximum. I kept wondering about those who were less fortunate then me, those who struggle to survive on a day to day basis. I posted the news articles the other day about fuel, electricity and water prices increasing and it makes me wonder, why is it that some people have it easy and others have to work harder for it. I wonder why some people have, whilst others do not have at all. I wonder if the world is supposed to be as it is or is there anything I can do to change it?

I wonder?

What do you think?

Amman FogAmman Fog 2Amman Fog 3

(Photos by wasapninjordan)


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