Emergency Call Numbers in Jordan

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Below is a list of emergency call numbers that might be useful for you while you are staying in Amman, Jordan. 06 is the dialling code for Amman. Click here if you wish to download the list. If anyone has other emergency call number that they wish to add, please email me at wasapninjordan@gmail.com


192 – 191

Civil Defence H.Q

06 4617101/199

Fire Brigade

06 4622090/193

First Aid and Ambulance


Blood bank

06 4749121

Highway Police

06 5343401

Traffic Police

06 4896390/1

Traffic Accidents

06 4896391

Tel. Directory Enquiries


Int. Tel. Enquiries


Int. Switch Board


R.J Flight Information

06 4453200

Amman Municipality

06 5359970/1

Water Supply Complaints

06 4777131

Sewerage Complaints

06 5679141

Electricity Emergency

06 4750981/2/3

Hotel Complaints

06 4642311

Source: Tomorrow Amman Guide


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